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Cory Taylor Cox

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We all have collections.  Yours could be baseball cards, or beanie babies, tattoos, or bad habits.  Cory Taylor Cox collects memories and shows them off through his music, influenced by time spent in cities with a soulful history like Muscle Shoals and Memphis. Encouraged by time spent on the road, from singing in all-state youth choir to touring with pop-punk and Americana bands, Cory holds on to memories of vinyl records, Pink Floyd and the Eagles, stashed away in the top of his father’s closet. The quaintness of every coffee shop that exchanged craft-caffeine for acoustic serenades, every hardcore metal band that let him open an all-ages show with emo songs, or folk songs, or whatever, to every PBR-soaked, party-rock, electric guitar cat-call, these are the collections of Cory Taylor Cox.  


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