That's Why We Musyc - Extended Play Review

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Cory Taylor Cox’s voice doesn’t seem to belong on this EP.

Don’t take that the wrong way - I just mean that it’s surprising to hear his harshness with the particular genre of music he’s singing (“indie + sexy”, according to his Facebook profile). The pairing is art, and not at all what you’d expect.

For instance, the track “For a Gentleman” would typically be something you’d find on a folk album, sung by someone with a gruff or twangy voice. Cox almost has the voice of a rocker, and it’s fascinating. The entire EP seems to be a mix of alternative and folk (indie + sexy, evidently), and it’s something I want to hear so much more of.

The first track on the EP, “Memphis Kids”, appropriately summarizes the 4 total songs, featuring aspects from every track and demonstrating exactly what Cox is all about. None of his music sounds old or tired, none of his tracks sound the same - he’s about as fresh and cool as you can get.

Reviewed by: Devyn Runyan