Notable Nashville Episode 43: Cory Taylor Cox

Notable Nashville is a podcast featuring the best artists in Nashville and beyond. Artists visit our studio in Nashville and play intimate acoustic versions of their songs and tell their stories. Join us weekly for new releases. Notable Nashville is produced by Jordan Johansen(Groove Doctor J) and Gary Branigan(Palaver Records Co-Founder).  

In this episode CTC and Keith Herndon (Bass) talk about their experiences and hijinks as a part of the growing and changing music scene of Nashville. Cory reflects on the path to solidify the band's line-up for "Extended Play", and the boys play 3 acoustic songs: Memphis Kids, 2009, and a brand new, perviously un-heard song written by Cory and Peyton Rodeffer of Wilderness Alive (if you're sharp you can catch the reference to fellow songwriter and touring-mate JW Teller).

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