Alternative Revolution Exclusive Premiere of “Trainwreck.”

 I spoke with Cory and asked him a couple of questions on the new song:

You seem to have an interesting style on the song as it is kind of like a singer/songwriter vibe with the beat being kind of slow in the versus, but becomes more rock in the chorus.  How did this come about?

We were on the front porch of a friend’s house in the Shoals, Alabama killing time before a show. My guitar player Alex (Ingram) showed me these chords that he had been noodling with. Open chords, that slide up and down the neck, a real pop punk / emo trick. I immediately latched on. The timing is what made the song interesting I thought. In the verses, the chords are equally paced, 4 and 4. Where the chorus seems to pick up, 2 and then 6 beats. As for the singer/ songwriter vibe, the verses are telling a story. Where the chorus is more punchy, delivering the hook.

The song doesn’t sound like a country song by one means.  It seems like there might be some influences of it though and the song was recorded in Nashville.  How did the environment of being in Nashville especially since it is known for country music, impact the way the songs as recorded?

Funny you should mention the Nashville Country scene. Our band is based in Nashville and historically Country music has been known as the primary export of the city. While I appreciate the outstanding musicianship of country music musicians in the area, Nashville is also home to great music in many different genres. There is a really cool underground hip hop scene, metal and post-hardcore bands were a big part of the culture in Nashville a few years ago due to venues like Rocketown, and today there is a growing indie rock scene.

For the song “Trainwreck,” we recorded with our friend Edsel Holden, at Redact Studios in East Nashville. We tracked drums and bass at the same time. I think the chemistry between drums (Jordan Daley) and bass (Keith Herndon) is crucial, so having these guys in the same room at the same time really builds the foundation for the song.  Next we added guitars (Peyton Rodeffer), keys (Alex), main vocals, and background vocals (Peyton & Keith). A lot of our vocals I thought would just be scratch, as these were tracked toward the end of the session, but  the guys seemed really pleased with my takes, I pushed myself almost to an emotional level. And when Keith started to work on bgvs, this was the first record he had ever sang on, we challenged him, “just go for it”, and what we got is unmatchable.

Bryan Laurenson, of the band Copeland, mixed the songs for us. I’ve been a Copeland fan since their first album “Beneath the Medicine Tree”, so not only was this a great experience for me as a fan, but the songs are sonically similar to an era of music that I feel is foundational to my sound.

We’re really proud of our song “Trainwreck” and hope you enjoy listening. The official release is Friday July 13, 2018

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