Ice Storm 1994

Too cold for April
Are we running out
Of milk and bread and hospitality
Listen to the radio
The mouth of the south
The weather’s turned
It’s gonna be bad
It’s gonna be bad

Neighbors in the front room
Friends and family
No school tomorrow
And my work’s right here
Do what i can

A knock on the back door
And in the candlelight
I talk to the boy down the street
He’s always in trouble
I’m never without
Still as kind as I can be
Stand by the fire
I’ll fix something to eat
He’s been knockin’ the chill off for a while
A bottle in his left hand
Knife in his right
And then it got bad
I do what i can to push him out the door
There’s blood in my mouth
And blood in the snow
I gather myself and walk back inside
The power is out
but I still see blue lights