House Show Nashville - Live Video & Interview "Trainwreck"

Nashville-by-way-of-Memphis songwriter Cory Taylor Cox specializes in heartfelt, personal music that packs a rock band wallop -- we talked to him a little bit about the experience of playing with a full band behind his given name, then caught a performance of his new song, "Trainwreck."



We had the great opportunity to perform for and chat with the dudes at House Show Nashville just down the street from our practice space in East Nashville. Check out their videos and their band, TERRIBLE.

In one part of the interview that didn't make the final cut, Nick asked us to name some of the bands that influenced our music. Keith said Queens of the Stone Age (could've guessed that one on him). I said that it was hard to name specific bands that influence my music. Yeah, I've got favorites, but I feel that I am more influenced by the relationships and community created with other musicians, much like my band-mates, as I first got to know them because they played in other bands: Peyton in Wilderness Alive and Pamphlet; Jordan in Us & the Ship and Pickup Sticks. And there are tons of other bands that we've played with over the years that have influenced my music and my outlook. House Show Nashville is continuing to boost that same culture with welcoming artists into their home and helping them to create something new and get the word out about it. People and programs like this are  essential to supporting a local, DIY scene. So a big thanks to these guys for our session and all the others they are making. 

...oh yeah, and Jordan said his most influential band was Kings of Leon. We laughed at him. He later redacted that statement and replaced it with The Chariot. (long live)