Rejuvenating Some Oldies from "Not Just a Dirty Rumor" on Armory Sessions

I had the opportunity to record videos for a few songs with Armory Sessions from Jackson, MS.
We recorded at Home Church in my neighborhood in East Nashville; their pastor, Jason was kind enough to let us use the space on a Sunday Afternoon.

I recorded an acoustic version of one of my newer releases from 2018, Trainwreck, but also decided to knock the dust off of two songs from my first record “Not Just a Dirty Rumor”.

I open the set with “Our First Kids in the Snow, Our Last Kiss in the Snow”. A song I wrote over 10 years ago while at Northeast Mississippi Community College. I’ve been playing this song electric with the full band for years, but I originally wrote it on acoustic guitar in an open E tuning with a backwards capo. I’m glad this session allowed me the opportunity to record the song how it was first written.

The session closes with “Why Did God Create Ants?”, a folksy tune written in dedication to my friend and song-writing role model, Charlie Murphey, (who also lives in the same East Nashville neighborbood).

You can also view the videos on Facebook HERE.

Armory sessions is a project created by Kody Gautier. I’m excited to have a session of my own alongside several friends including: Spencer Thomas of the band Young Valley, McKenzie Lockhart, Carver Commodore, Clayton Waller of Rock Eupora, and more. Clayton was actually there to “assist” during the shoot.