Our Trip to Daytrotter: Live Video

Daytrotter is a website that records live versions of songs to analog tape, creates a unique illustration of the artist, and then makes those recordings available to discover online. I adore Daytrotter for their DIY spirit and for creating an archive of the musical culture that has contributed in defining my identity and path. 

One of my favorite Daytrotter sessions is from Theodore, a previous project of Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster, more recently of Water Liars and Marie/Lepanto. The song "Back From the War" was partial inspiration for my song "Ice Storm 1994". That session was recorded in 2010 and I still keep up with JPKS on every record since.

Another favorite was recorded by my home-state heroes, Colour Revolt in 2008. This session includes a cover of the "These Few Presidents" originally by WHY? which launched another path of discovery for me. 

I first visited the Daytrotter Studio in Rock Island, IL with Dubb Nubb for their session in 2011. At this point I had already been a big fan of Daytrotter and the dread of meeting the people behind this dream of an organization and having my heart-broken by them not being that cool was present.  As my wife would say "Never Meet Your Heroes". But not to worry! I had stars in my eyes and I was not let down! The experience was great! Everyone was super nice and welcoming. I could continue to champion Daytrotter even more so, as I had experienced the inner-workings and they all check out! Johnnie who does the illustrations even came to the house show I performed that night with Dubb Nubb. Check the box, they've got a fan for life. 

As the years roll on, several friends record their own Daytrotter Sessions. 

And the list goes on...

In May, I had the opportunity to join this list. The band and I made the pilgrimage to Daytrotter, now located in Davenport, IA. We recorded 4 songs, one of which had never before been released, and I'd been hanging on to it for nearly 10 years by now. But this was the moment. I had anticipation that our Daytrotter experience would be the crown jewel of my musical carrier so far. I was pumped, I was nervous. This was going to be special. It all happened in a euphoric flash and as soon as the recording light turned off, I was instantly proud of what we had just accomplished. 

You can view the full live video below or at:


  1. Awkward exchange with our engineer Ian because we were unsure if we were live yet. 
  2. I Died Twice
  3. Trainwreck
  4. My Heart Still Feels the Road
  5. Memphis Kids

We also played a show that night with Archeress. They make captivating music and are wonderful people. Check them out. 

Big thanks to my Dubb Nieces for hosting us the next night in St. Louis.

This weekend run was a bright highlight and it wouldn't have been the same without Peyton Rodeffer (Guitar), Jordan Daley (Drums), Ben Smith (Bass). I am blessed to have these brothers and all the rest of you out there. 

We hope you enjoy the video as much as we loved performing these songs. We'll let you know when the final audio session is available to download and stream for free on the Daytrotter app, daytrotter.com, and pastemagazine.com

Thank you for your inspiration, support, and community. 

(ps. You can click most of the band names in this blog and link to their music)