Memphis Kids Available Today

Memphis Kids, the lead single from my new EP Extended Play, is out today! Written with Memphis-musician Joseph Barrios, this song is our anthem for the Bluff City. 

I'm especially thrilled that Action News 5 in Memphis just released one of the first early reviews of Extended Play. Read full article HERE

Cox’s release is an excellent indie rock collection of songs.  From 2009 to the reverb-heavy electric sound of Memphis Kids, this EP is full of heart, skillful musicianship, and personal lyrics.  Definitely recommended for an early evening on the patio with a few drinks or lying on the floor with some headphones and staring at the ceiling.
The opening track Memphis Kids is a favorite for me.  It’s as if Marc Cohn wrote indie rock today.  What I love most about songs written about Memphis is the name-dropping of favorite locations around town and the people that occupy the city. This song mentions everything from the midtown alternative scene to Poplar Avenue, Shangri-La Records to B.B. King.  Cox’s love of Memphis shines through on this track. 
Review by: Amelia Carlson

You can download Memphis Kids on AmazoniTunes, & Google Play or stream on Spotify and Rhapsody or pre-order the full EP on Bandcamp or at