More X-mas Extravaganza Reviews and Photos

From @deathorvinyl instagram/tumblr:
New Music Monday Holiday Edition! First things first. I hate Christmas music. But let me explain. The problem is that there are only so many great holiday songs. Then those couple of dozen songs are sonically wallpapered everywhere you go from November to New Years Day. It's enough to make you want to drink all the eggnog and jam enough wrapping paper in your ears to mute the Mariah Carey holiday wail. With that caveat, I present to you a collection of BRAND NEW holiday songs that are not just good, but actually kind of great. This is "The Sons of Old Town X-mas Extravaganza Volume 1." It's ENTIRELY NEW songs by fantastic artists. ... "Holiday Optimism" by Cory Taylor Cox, is a whimsical holiday ode to that special person that you want to spend sometime with under the tree. Finally, there is a version of "Here We Come A'Caroling," with all three artists together, with fresh verses to update the old standard. This is exactly what holiday music should be. Great songs. If you are looking for some fresh holiday music, here it is.  Happy holidays everyone!

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