A version of a Biography

I've used the below "bio" on social media sites for the last few years. I'm updating my bio in congruency with the release of my new record, but I thought it'd be nice to keep this one around somewhere. Enjoy!

Cory Taylor Cox started opening hardcore-metal shows in the Tupelo, MS scene all alone with his acoustic guitar. Soon he expanded his territory, touring all over the country and falling in love with traveling and playing shows for new people.

With over 400 performances under his belt, in recent years Cox has moved more in an electric direction. This new found fun-loving, organic sound has been coined Mississippi Gypsy Rock & Roll. Collaborating with friends from a wide variety of backgrounds to create a unique "indie"/pop rock sound at times groovy and infectious; at others bold with raw emotion.

When asked where he's from CTC likes to reply, "The South". Considering Mississippi, the Alabama Shoals, Memphis, and Nashville, TN as all a little piece of home and all influential to the music he creates.
Carrying on the traditions of rock & roll, DIY, and hipster-Indie culture, Cox wants to sing to you, dance with you, tell you stories of his past, and join the lore inspired by our futures together.