Sons of Old Town X-mas Extravaganza Vol 1 Reviews

Remember the Sons of Old Town x-mas Extravaganza 7" record we released in 2014? Well it's been getting a few blog-mentions in 2015! Check them out:

"Cory Taylor Cox contributes some Yuletide fun with "Holiday Optimism", about a dude pulling out every trick in the book to try and turn his personal Scrooge into a Christmas fan.  It's so crazy, it might just work.  Alex Ingram gives us some nice banjo work on that track.  All join together on "Here We Come A-Caroling" which is true to the intent of the carol without sounding ancient.  All in all, its great fun.
The 7" was limited to 200 copies and you have to figure less than half that number remain.  You can order "X-Mas Extravaganza, Vol. 1"on vinyl via Bandcamp.  If you prefer, you can get it in digital download form.  But c'mon, who passes up translucent green vinyl for a handful of mp3s?  Just sayin'.  And you can learn more about the Sons of Old Town collective at their website."
-Stubby's House of Christmas

"The record in questions is a collaboration of various Nashville, TN's alt.rock/indie artists, who call themselves Sons Of Old Town. On the 7”, John DaveyWilderness Alive and CoryTaylor Cox all contribute an original Christmas song, respectively 'Home In A Midwest Minute', 'The 12th Day Of Christmas' and the more folkish 'Holiday Optimism'. On the last track, 'Here We Come A-Carolin', they all join together in an acoustic version of this traditional. The record, that is titled 'X-Mas Extravaganza, Vol. 1', is pressed on transculent green vinyl, with a total of 200 copies." - Snowflakes Christmas Singles (and on Facebook here)

"Holiday Optimism" by Cory Taylor Cox takes a quirky look at making the best of the holiday season.  We all know that, while it is a season of joy and celebration, there can be a dark side to the holidays - the pressures of relationships, finances, family.  "Holiday Optimism" shows that there is always brightness, whether it's a stocking hanging next to mine with your name on it" or wearing your Christmas sweaters, or even simply red and green construction paper.  Cory's song is a message to those who may be a little Grinchy during the Christmas season - there is reason for a bright outlook and optimism everywhere you look." - Merry & Bright Blogspot