Enjoy The Ride Records - Record Collector of the Month Dec 2017

I stumbled upon Enjoy the Ride Records (and their imprint "Enjoy the Toons") when I ordered a 7" copy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme Song on green vinyl with an orange stripe for Michelangelo's headband. 

In December 2017, I was featured as their record collector of the month. Check out the link below for some of my favorite records, including holiday selections, and also my record collecting dreams and aspirations. 



Special Edition - Extended Play Vinyl 7" is here! + Nashville Listening Party!

Finally! The vinyl copies of our new EP "Extended Play" are in! And they look awesome! We've got 50 special edition splatter vinyl copies (only about 20 left since the pre-order so hurry up and get yours!) and then 150 standard black 7" vinyl records. 4 songs at 33rpm.

Order yours at www.corytaylorcox.com/buy or at https://corytaylorcox.bandcamp.com

Have a preview listen to "For A Gentleman" featuring Charlie Hardin Murphey from the vinyl test pressing on Facebook at: 

here: https://www.facebook.com/corytaylorcox/videos/10154642740843331/ 

The band will also be celebrating with a vinyl listening party on Nov 11 (11:11) at The Basement East Pub (BEAST PUB) in East Nashville. 6pm-8pm, free admission, drink specials including a record-inspired 1 night only cocktail menu and DJ CTC spinning Extended Play and other classics!


"Extended Play" Now Available Online

Friday May 13, 2016, DIY, Indie Rock & Roll songwriter Cory Taylor Cox’s third studio album Extended Play, released on major online stores.  Available for digital download and streaming, Cox’s eclectic 4-song southern indie EP is drenched with the passion of the grassroots music community.

Listen/Purchase/Share with the links below:

Bandcamp, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, emusic, Rhapsody, youtube

Bonus tracks are available exclusively when Extended Play is purchased through Bandcamp or with vinyl pre-order at www.corytaylorcox.com/buy. These B-sides include the original acoustic version of Memphis Kids, first released as part of a charity fundraiser compilation for Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. 

Strategically planned for release on the 5-year anniversary of Cox’s EP We Made these Sounds TogetherExtended Play captures the adventure of refining songs with a new core-group of band members and even collaboration with old friends.  Songwriter Charlie Hardin Murphey of the band Commitment Bells lends talents to For a Gentleman, an acoustic tribute to a mutual friend.  Murphey excitedly coined Cox’s new recordings with the oxymoronic genre label of “Songwriter-Punk.”

Recorded by Edsel Holden, Redact Studios Nashville, TN

Mastered by Chris Bethea, Florence, AL

Photography by Jonathan Pfahl

Design by Jamie R. Cox

Cory Taylor Cox - Vocals & Guitar
Alex Ingram - Guitar
Keith Herndon - Bass
David Sutton - Drums
Charlie Hardin Murphey - Additional Guitar & Vocals
Desmond Smith - Additional Guitar (Lion & Giraffe)


Thank you all for your continued support. -CTC

Memphis Kids Available Today

Memphis Kids, the lead single from my new EP Extended Play, is out today! Written with Memphis-musician Joseph Barrios, this song is our anthem for the Bluff City. 

I'm especially thrilled that Action News 5 in Memphis just released one of the first early reviews of Extended Play. Read full article HERE

Cox’s release is an excellent indie rock collection of songs.  From 2009 to the reverb-heavy electric sound of Memphis Kids, this EP is full of heart, skillful musicianship, and personal lyrics.  Definitely recommended for an early evening on the patio with a few drinks or lying on the floor with some headphones and staring at the ceiling.
The opening track Memphis Kids is a favorite for me.  It’s as if Marc Cohn wrote indie rock today.  What I love most about songs written about Memphis is the name-dropping of favorite locations around town and the people that occupy the city. This song mentions everything from the midtown alternative scene to Poplar Avenue, Shangri-La Records to B.B. King.  Cox’s love of Memphis shines through on this track. 
Review by: Amelia Carlson

You can download Memphis Kids on AmazoniTunes, & Google Play or stream on Spotify and Rhapsody or pre-order the full EP on Bandcamp or at www.corytaylorcox.com/buy 

Extended Play - Friday May 13 - New Cory Taylor Cox EP

Hello Dear Friends,

I've got some very exciting news! On Friday May 13 (the 5 year anniversary of our last EP We Made These Sounds Together) I am releasing a new record called "Extended Play." These are some of my favorite songs that I've written and I loved working on the record with some great musicians and friends.  More of an indie/garage rock sound than my previous singer/songwriter jams (but a little of that too). Click the image below to pre-order the vinyl or digital version on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, or my website www.corytaylorcox.com. Oh yeah, there are bonus tracks if you pre-order on Bandcamp. I hope you love the music that I've made to share with you so much that you want to share it with your friends, so please help spread the word. 


And we're doing a release tour! With some of our favorite bands: Young Valley, Rock Eupora, & Brent Varner

Thursday May 12 - The Basement Nashville, TN
Friday May 13 - Proud Larrys Oxford, MS
Saturday May 14 Dave's Dark Horse Tavern Starkville, MS

No Heart Problems Tour / SXSW Recap

We had a great time in Austin, TX for our second year to brave SXSW music week. 

Great to see all our musical friends Dubb Nubb, Meth Dad, Rochelle Hot 16, Ryan M Brewer, and the Rocketboys. (Check out every single one of them!) 

Midcoast Takeover at Shangrila (sponsored by Midwest Music Foundation) sure knows how to throw a party! 

A big thanks to Keith Herndon (bass), Peyton Rodeffer (drums), Dayton Swords (guitar), and Bennett Piispanen (keys) for being my road dogs.  (This tour was unofficially brought to you by In & Out Burger and Lone Star Beer.)

Click the picture below to see more photos of our adventures.

trouble outside of Wonderland Austin, TX

trouble outside of Wonderland Austin, TX

More X-mas Extravaganza Reviews and Photos

From @deathorvinyl instagram/tumblr:
New Music Monday Holiday Edition! First things first. I hate Christmas music. But let me explain. The problem is that there are only so many great holiday songs. Then those couple of dozen songs are sonically wallpapered everywhere you go from November to New Years Day. It's enough to make you want to drink all the eggnog and jam enough wrapping paper in your ears to mute the Mariah Carey holiday wail. With that caveat, I present to you a collection of BRAND NEW holiday songs that are not just good, but actually kind of great. This is "The Sons of Old Town X-mas Extravaganza Volume 1." It's ENTIRELY NEW songs by fantastic artists. ... "Holiday Optimism" by Cory Taylor Cox, is a whimsical holiday ode to that special person that you want to spend sometime with under the tree. Finally, there is a version of "Here We Come A'Caroling," with all three artists together, with fresh verses to update the old standard. This is exactly what holiday music should be. Great songs. If you are looking for some fresh holiday music, here it is.  Happy holidays everyone!

Available for stream and purchase at: sonsofoldtown.bandcamp.com

X-mas Extravaganza Tour 2015 Re-cap

Cory Taylor Cox performing in Florence, AL (Photo by Daniel Perez of SET Magazine)

Cory Taylor Cox performing in Florence, AL (Photo by Daniel Perez of SET Magazine)

This was our 2nd year on the Sons of Old Town X-mas Extravaganza tour, and it was the absolute best way to celebrate the season with music and all kinds of other rowdy fun.  A big thanks to all the great venues, fans, friends, hosts, and musicians involved. 

You can check out the list of tour dates, venues, and other bands on the flyer below. (Note: the Princess Theater in Columbus, MS show was replaced by a show at the always hospitable Two Brothers Smoked Meats in Starkville, MS)

(L to R) Peyton Rodeffer of The Settled & Wilderness Alive, Phill Thompson of the Tombigbees, Craig Higgins of Lunar Lake, Alex Ingram of Lunar Lake & Cory Taylor Cox, Brady Gomillion of Cory Taylor Cox & Daniel Elias + the Exotic Dangers, JW Teller, Taylor McMillen of Lunar Lake, Cory Taylor Cox, Chris Heaton of Lunar Lake, in front of Rivertown Coffee Florence AL

(L to R) Peyton Rodeffer of The Settled & Wilderness Alive, Phill Thompson of the Tombigbees, Craig Higgins of Lunar Lake, Alex Ingram of Lunar Lake & Cory Taylor Cox, Brady Gomillion of Cory Taylor Cox & Daniel Elias + the Exotic Dangers, JW Teller, Taylor McMillen of Lunar Lake, Cory Taylor Cox, Chris Heaton of Lunar Lake, in front of Rivertown Coffee Florence AL

Musicians for Le Bonheur 2015

In 2013 I had the opportunity to contribute a song to a very worthy cause. Musicians for Le Bonheur is a project that unites the music community to raise funds for Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, TN. An acoustic version of my song "Memphis Kids" (written with Joseph Barrios) was first released on the very first ever Musicians for Le Bonheur Compilation album, alongside songs by the likes of the Holy Ghost Electric Show and Lord T & Eloise. 

Thrilled to work with the project again in 2015, I decided I wanted to mix things up a bit. With the aid of my right-hand-guitar-man, Alex Ingram, we produced a B-side of a still unreleased CTC track. Emma D (a song about my days spent in Florence, AL) is on the new compilation album in proximity to friend-bands Forrister, ELDER, and more.

Check out Musicians for Le Bonheur's website: HERE.

Listen to the compilation on SPOTIFY: HERE

And learn more about Le Bonheur Childrens' Hospital: HERE

Sons of Old Town X-mas Extravaganza Vol 1 Reviews

Remember the Sons of Old Town x-mas Extravaganza 7" record we released in 2014? Well it's been getting a few blog-mentions in 2015! Check them out:

"Cory Taylor Cox contributes some Yuletide fun with "Holiday Optimism", about a dude pulling out every trick in the book to try and turn his personal Scrooge into a Christmas fan.  It's so crazy, it might just work.  Alex Ingram gives us some nice banjo work on that track.  All join together on "Here We Come A-Caroling" which is true to the intent of the carol without sounding ancient.  All in all, its great fun.
The 7" was limited to 200 copies and you have to figure less than half that number remain.  You can order "X-Mas Extravaganza, Vol. 1"on vinyl via Bandcamp.  If you prefer, you can get it in digital download form.  But c'mon, who passes up translucent green vinyl for a handful of mp3s?  Just sayin'.  And you can learn more about the Sons of Old Town collective at their website."
-Stubby's House of Christmas

"The record in questions is a collaboration of various Nashville, TN's alt.rock/indie artists, who call themselves Sons Of Old Town. On the 7”, John DaveyWilderness Alive and CoryTaylor Cox all contribute an original Christmas song, respectively 'Home In A Midwest Minute', 'The 12th Day Of Christmas' and the more folkish 'Holiday Optimism'. On the last track, 'Here We Come A-Carolin', they all join together in an acoustic version of this traditional. The record, that is titled 'X-Mas Extravaganza, Vol. 1', is pressed on transculent green vinyl, with a total of 200 copies." - Snowflakes Christmas Singles (and on Facebook here)

"Holiday Optimism" by Cory Taylor Cox takes a quirky look at making the best of the holiday season.  We all know that, while it is a season of joy and celebration, there can be a dark side to the holidays - the pressures of relationships, finances, family.  "Holiday Optimism" shows that there is always brightness, whether it's a stocking hanging next to mine with your name on it" or wearing your Christmas sweaters, or even simply red and green construction paper.  Cory's song is a message to those who may be a little Grinchy during the Christmas season - there is reason for a bright outlook and optimism everywhere you look." - Merry & Bright Blogspot

A version of a Biography

I've used the below "bio" on social media sites for the last few years. I'm updating my bio in congruency with the release of my new record, but I thought it'd be nice to keep this one around somewhere. Enjoy!

Cory Taylor Cox started opening hardcore-metal shows in the Tupelo, MS scene all alone with his acoustic guitar. Soon he expanded his territory, touring all over the country and falling in love with traveling and playing shows for new people.

With over 400 performances under his belt, in recent years Cox has moved more in an electric direction. This new found fun-loving, organic sound has been coined Mississippi Gypsy Rock & Roll. Collaborating with friends from a wide variety of backgrounds to create a unique "indie"/pop rock sound at times groovy and infectious; at others bold with raw emotion.

When asked where he's from CTC likes to reply, "The South". Considering Mississippi, the Alabama Shoals, Memphis, and Nashville, TN as all a little piece of home and all influential to the music he creates.
Carrying on the traditions of rock & roll, DIY, and hipster-Indie culture, Cox wants to sing to you, dance with you, tell you stories of his past, and join the lore inspired by our futures together.